The recipe of the month of our chef: May

Good morning everyone from Marco, the chef of the “Bistrot Ai Due Cedri”

Every month starting from now, I will explain how to make a recipe taken from the menu of our restaurant.
An opportunity to test yourself, to play, and why not, to create a direct line with our customers.
The recipe will also be shared on our Facebook page Bistrot Ai Due Cedri …


  • 320 gr. of hard wheat calamarata;
  • 600gr. Of very fresh clams;
  • 150gr. of pumpkin flowers;
  • 200gr. of datterino tomato;
  • 100gr. bread loaf of stale durum wheat;
  • Tuscan extra virgin olive oil;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • Salt, pepper, minced parsley;

Pour the clams for one hour in water and coarse salt.

Peel the pumpkin flowers and chop them coarsely, keeping only the petals and then rinse them.

Carefully wash and then cut the datterino tomatoes.

Cook the pasta (calamarata) in plenty of salted water and in the meantime sauté the two cloves of garlic in a shirt in extra-virgin olive oil until lightly browned. Then remove the cloves of garlic and add the previously rinsed clams, the chopped zucchini flowers, the tomatoes and add parsley, pepper and a pinch of salt to the pan.

Quickly skip over high heat until the clams are opened.

In a different pan, fry with a dash of olive oil some coarsely grated bread.

At this point, salt the almost cooked pasta completely taking care to create a cream with the oil of the sauce and the starch of the camalarata.

Serve as desired by finishing with the bread crumble.

Good work and enjoy …

Chef Marco Vignaga